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ACR and Sponsors
ACR and Sponsors


Qysas is an application with over 100 leveled books geared towards primary year students to promote literacy and improve early grade reading scores. Qysas was developed through the All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development (funded by USAID, Australian Aid, and World Vision), with the aim to improve the reading ability of Jordanian students in low-resource public school settings. Qysas was applied in public schools in Jordan, where a 3rd party impact evaluation measured a 30% improvement in literacy rates among students using the app twice a week for the academic year over a control group of students not having access to the app. Moreover, students using Qysas read 100 books on average in the year, within the duration of 48 sessions of 45-minutes, as compared to the national average of 17 minutes of non-textbook reading per year.

• Age group: 7-9 years old

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