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LTM has released several apps for preschoolers to learn Arabic in a fun and engaging way. Suitable for children between six months to 5 years old, the apps include singalongs, flash-cards, numbers, shapes, colors, and more.

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I Love Arabic

Little Thinking Minds has produced a hugely popular series of 20-minute videos that tackle preschool basics. The videos cover everything from animals and their habitats, to first words, to shapes and colors. The videos on the I Love Arabic app are visual and full of rich animation, catchy songs, lots of children and puppets. The app is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Ghanni (Sing Along)

Ghanni is a sing-along app with songs we all remember from childhood. For toddlers (six months to four years old), they’re sure to learn new vocabulary just through singing along.

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Shapes and Colors

Learning shapes and colors in Arabic has never been easier with Nour and Fares. This pre-school educational game for toddlers is packed with games and loads of Arabic vocabulary from everyday life, like fruits, vegetables and more to teach toddlers shapes and colors. Toddlers learning through matching, memory games and more.

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My First Arabic Words

My First Arabic Words, is exactly what it says it is. The app exposes toddlers to over fifty commonly used words from the world around them including their animals, shapes, colors, and numbers, with high-quality illustrations and voice-overs.

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Numbers with Nour and Fares

an engaging Arabic math App that introduces numbers 1 through 15 using both the Indian and Arabic numerals. Counting, subtracting and adding are all taught in a fun easy way.

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