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LTM has created a number of web portals and applications that target children and aim to enhance their learning experience and outcomes.

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I Read Arabic

I Read Arabic (IRA) is the first immersive digital reading program designed to advance the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. IRA offers hundreds of Arabic children’s books sourced from award-winning publishers, that are pedagogically classified based on rubrics that are aligned to various national curriculums, spread over 19 scientific levels. Children go through an interactive journey, reading at their own pace in the level best suited for them, irrespective of age or grade. The learning journey is further enhanced with rich exceptional content such as videos, worksheets, educational games, and reading comprehension questions. IRA comes with a teacher dashboard that enables teachers to track students’ progress (level, fluency, time on task). Other tools available to them are benchmark tests, diagnostic tests, lesson plans, and various other tools to enrich the Arabic classroom.

• Age group: 6-14 years old (depending on reading proficiency level)

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I Start Arabic

I Start Arabic (ISA) is a bilingual program designed to support the learning journey of non-native children for whom Arabic is an additional language. The program enhances the four main skills of language learning; conversation, writing, reading, and listening, through 6 levels that cover a range of topics and exercises. It contains hundreds of topic-based quality resources including digital books, flashcards, videos as well as worksheets suitable for beginner to mid-level second language instruction and learning. Developed with literacy experts and teachers experienced in non-native Arabic curriculum, it is a rich and effective resource that offers a solid foundation to build confidence in both their academic language development and social and conversational skills.

ISA was created in alignment with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and the global standards and requirements of foreign language learning. and aligns with the framework of learning Arabic for non-natives in the UAE. Each of the 6 levels is tied to a set of learning objectives expected to be achieved upon completing all topics of a level, regardless of a child’s grade or age group.

• Age group: 4-14 years old

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KG Arabic

The KG Arabic leveled program is a teacher resource that provides educators of early childhood with engaging topic-based resources as building blocks for introducing young learners to the Arabic language. Offering books, videos, and a phonics section, the program builds on the child’s oral and listening skills and facilitates the development of core literacy competencies. The program familiarizes children with the alphabet, phonics and early vocabulary fostering the development of fluency and conversational skills at an early stage. It also includes a Themes section that presents fundamental topics like Animals, Shapes, Colors, the Environment, etc.
KG Arabic aids in enriching the lesson plans, adds ease to the teaching process, and provides the teacher with exceptional assistance, as materials are presented in an accessible, comprehensive, and appealing manner.

• Age group: 3-6 years old (depending on reading proficiency level)

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Literacy Exam Preparation program

Our team of educators has developed a first-of-its-kind innovative program to digitize the literacy assessment preparation process through proven and tested methodologies that yield positive results.

Our PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) program is offered from 2nd to 4th grades to prepare children for the PIRLS test through a series of weekly reading assignments and assessments to improve their Arabic literacy levels in a dynamic and engaging manner. The program includes digital books, entertaining educational videos and games, as well as tests designed to suit different students’ abilities and simulate the PIRLS final test.

• Age group: 7-9-years old

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Creative teaching techniques

Special professional development workshops to transform the teaching environment into a fun and engaging experience for children, using drama elements. Little Thinking Minds, in collaboration with Creative Kids designed a special workshop to equip teachers with hands-on skill and 21st-century creative teaching techniques that focus on movement, improvisation, pantomimes, and role-playing Teachers will also get access to an online program which has all the resources covered in the training as well as leveled digital books, lesson plans and music clips that can be used in the classroom with students after the training.
• Enables children to better understand their surroundings through the enactment of real-life situations and develop empathy and other social awareness.
• Allows children to use the Arabic language for self-expression and communication both verbally & non-verbally.
• Provides the opportunity to develop all the key literacy skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
• Promotes social interaction and fosters leadership skills through teamwork and cooperation thus building self-confidence.

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