In pursuit of curiosity

entire experiences are lived, stories unfold, and friendships are made. We want to help each learner find the worlds within, at their own pace, whether at school or at home. We want to enable a new of generation of avid readers, confident learners, and curious explorers.

The science and the method

We have worked relentlessly to create educational content aligned to Arabic language learning outcomes for users across the Arab World and globally. Our platforms are learning environments that build enhanced awareness, critical thinking and improved communication and literacy.

Powerful tools, powerful educators

Whether in the classroom or the living room, LTM’s resources optimize the learning experience for young learners. Gamification, videos, assessments, monitoring and insights come together for fun-filled, result-driven learning.

Awards & Recognitions

Q&A Series #2: When Women Do Better, Countries Do Better
Meet a woman entrepreneur who co-founded a company that creates digital literacy tools for children learning Arabic

Ed-tech Start-ups Lead The Way
From music and Arabic to lessons in PR and comms, young students and corporate learners can now expand their abilities with a click of the keyboard.

Multimedia project benefitting 15,000 Jordanian children concludes
A total of 400 teachers and 50 principals were honoured for their contribution to a UNICEF-supported project

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Our solutions are tailored to suit the needs of each of our schools, customized to each school’s context, proficiency and learning outcomes.