Holistic education to build global
citizenship and new age skills

Digitally native, globally aware, and student and teacher-led, our platforms are digital ecosystems of solutions and resources for school age children. Science-based methodologies and diverse content aligned to international learning outcomes and curricula advance skills and increase social and cultural connectedness.

Books Read

Features designed to effectively support curriculum standards implementation and enhance learning

Leveled Educational Programs

Designed by literacy experts and aligned with regional national curricula

Holistic approach to learning and teaching that aims to advance the quality of fluency and literacy in a child safe environment

Offers various levels based on scientific rubrics and measurable learning outcomes per level

Aims to enhance Arabic language acquisition for native and non-native leaners from KG-12

Interactive content provided in multiple formats that cater to every type of learner profile (e-books, flash cards, audio books, videos, digital activities, assessments)

Widest selection of content sources from award-winning publishers and created by literacy experts

Gamified and reward based journey


Differentiation within the same classroom

Insight-driven intervention

Multiple assessments to measure improvement of learning outcomes

Placement tests to determine student level

End of level diagnostic tests for remediation

Leveled lesson plans developed by pedagogy experts

Monitoring Progress / Evaluation

Monthly Comparative and progressive reports on student performance

School benchmark reports comparative to national average.

Detailed Administrative reports on Teacher and Student performance over time.

Learning Outcome Attainment and Level Progress Reports

School MOE Inspection Ready Data


AWS servers hosting

All platforms encrypt the data before it is inserted in the Databases and encryption keys hosted on the OS level and are not accessible to the web.

Incremental backup on an hourly basis and full backup on a daily bases and all backups hosted .

Private logs file for auditing purposes. For any login process, a unique verification code is sent to the user each time he/she tries to log in to the system.

Leveled educational platforms

Group 457

I Read Arabic (IRA) is the first digital Arabic language levelled reading program designed to advance the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. IRA offers hundreds of Arabic children’s books sourced from award-winning publishers, that are pedagogically classified based on scientific rubrics (Arabi 21 and QRTA) aligned to various national curricula’s and spread over 23 levels. Children go through an interactive personalized path enhanced with exceptional content including videos, worksheets, educational games, and reading comprehension questions to enhance language skill acquisition.
Ideal for native speakers between 4-16 years.

IRA comes with a teacher dashboard that enables teachers to track students’ progress (level, fluency, time on task as well as learning objectives achieved and missed). Other tools available to them are benchmark tests, diagnostic tests, lesson plans, and various other tools to enrich the Arabic classroom.

Group 457

I Start Arabic’ is a digital program which aims to help non- natives become proficient in the Arabic language. The program is a unit-based program, offering a beginner’s phonics program and 6 unit-based levels, each divided into several categories aligned with the UAE national curriculum for teaching Arabic to non-native students to suit the needs students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. The program is also based on the ACTFL (American Council for teaching foreign Languages) framework.


Ideal for non-native speakers between 4-16 years old

Group 458

The KG Arabic leveled program is a teacher and student resource that provides educators of early childhood with engaging topic-based resources as building blocks for introducing young learners to the Arabic language. Offering books, videos, and a phonics section, the program builds on the child’s oral and listening skills and facilitates the development of core literacy competencies. The program familiarizes children with the alphabet, phonics and early vocabulary fostering the development of fluency and conversational skills at an early stage. KG Arabic aids in enriching the lesson plans, adds ease to the teaching process, and provides the teacher with exceptional assistance, as materials are presented in an accessible, comprehensive, and appealing manner. It also offers the learners a fun and interactive journey to increase their love for the Arabic language and prepare them for their learning journey ahead!

Supportive programming

Literacy Exam Preparation Program

Our team of educators has developed a first-of-its-kind innovative program to digitize the literacy assessment preparation process through proven and tested methodologies that yield positive results.

Our PIRLS (Progress in International Reading Literacy Study) program is offered from 2nd to 4th grades to prepare children for the PIRLS test through a series of weekly reading assignments and assessments to improve their Arabic literacy levels in a dynamic and engaging manner. The program includes digital books, ands tests designed to suit different students’ abilities and simulate the PIRLS final test.


• Age group: 7-9-years old

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