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Crystalizing our years of experience developing educational platforms for schools, our apps are designed for children of all ages and levels. This is positive screen time, fun learning, and quality time for you and your child.

Apps for school age children


I Read Arabic (IRA) is the first digital Arabic language levelled reading program designed to advance the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. IRA offers hundreds of award winning Arabic children’s books that appeal to kids’ different interests and learning needs. Learners read at their own pace in the level best suited for them from over 23 available levels. The app takes children on an interactive personalized learning journey full of engaging content including videos, worksheets, educational games, and reading comprehension questions. The resources available cover grammar, vocabulary and phonics; all the basics needed to learn and love the Arabic language!

Ideal for learners between 4-16


Arabeasy is designed to support Arabic language learning for non-native young learners. The program enhances the main skills of language learning focusing on literacy and fluency. The app is divided across 6 levels that cover a range of topics and exercises with hundreds of topic- based quality resources including digital books, flashcards, videos as well as interactive worksheets. Developed with literacy experts and teachers experienced in non-native Arabic standards, Arabeasy is a rich and effective resource that offers a solid foundation to build confidence in the Arabic language.



KG Arabic leveled program is a parents’ resource that provides children with engaging topic-based resources as building blocks for introducing young learners to the Arabic language. Offering books, videos, and a phonics section, the program builds on the child’s oral and listening skills and facilitates the development of core literacy competencies. The program familiarizes children with the alphabet, phonics and early vocabulary fostering the development of fluency and conversational skills at an early stage. It also includes a themes section that presents fundamental topics like Animals, Shapes, Colors, and the Environment.

Apps for preschoolers

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