Qysas (Stories): An Arabic Leveled Digital Library for Every Classroom is an application with over 150 leveled children’s stories with related quizzes aligned to reading learning outcomes geared towards primary year students in low resource public schools in Jordan.

LTM implemented the Qysas project to address the lack of leveled Arabic-language reading materials available to early primary school students in Jordan. The project aimed to increase early grade literacy skills in Arabic—specifically, oral language and vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension—by providing self-paced, interactive, electronic reading materials that supplemented ongoing classroom instruction.

Qysas was developed through the All Children Reading Grand Challenge for Development (funded by USAID, Australian Aid, and World Vision) and implemented the project in partnership with Integrated Services-Indigenous Solutions (INTEGRATED) and the Jordan Education Institute (JEI).

A 3rd party impact evaluation was conducted by San Francisco based School to School Research. Results showed students who participated in the Qysas project achieved statistically significant greater gains than comparison group students who did not participate in the project on three EGRA subtasks: syllable identification, oral reading fluency (ORF), and reading comprehension.

Let’s Live Happily

Let’s Live in Harmony – is a multi-faceted approach to respond to the educational needs of Syrian and Jordanian students in double shifting schools. The app was developed in partnership with Integrated International, a firm specialized in testing and scaling education technology and support from UNICEF and UK Aid

Let’s Live in Harmony is designed to impact social emotional learning, literacy and social cohesion among students, and enables children to strengthen literacy while building a vocabulary of self, other, acceptance, respect and harmony through a digital leveled library of stories, while our program of teacher-led activities enable the class to put those principles into practice.

Over120 books and related assessments and classroom activities have been developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, and delivered within the Ministry’s co-curricular activity block, by 400 teachers, across four grades, in 100 Double Shifting Schools reaching 20,000 Syrian and Jordanian children.